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Sports Quest

Sports quest

MVP TRACK & FIELD CLUB The sprint medals goldmine

To find out the answer that September day in 1999 James and Francis decided to found the MVP (Maximising Velocity and Power) Track and Field Club. they launched the project with the words: ‘Gentlemen, we shall show the American coaches that we can do the job ourselves here in Jamaica.’ 1n 2005 the world witnessed […]

Kenya – the undisputed powerhouse for long running

One of the ethnic groups under the Kalenjin tribe is the Nandi people, consisting of some 80,000 individuals At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Nandi runners won the gold in both the men’s and the women’s 8 00 meters – they also won two silvers and two bronzes! What are the chances of this happening […]

Nelson Mandela Used Rugby as a Symbol of South African Unity

President Nelson Mandela orchestrated a show of unity in one of the world’s most bitterly divided nations, using the slogan “One Team, One Country.” President Mandela saw rugby as a way to help lessen divisions between Black and white South Africans and foster a shared national pride.  Mandela’s efforts to use rugby to bring together […]