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Sports Quest

Sports quest

The investment that we are making in sports is the investment we are making for our youth and hence, for the future of our society and country.”

The role of the Odisha Government in the recent success of the Indian Hockey scene is just incomparable. Hockey is not just limited to a mere sport, it has become a part of the culture. It is the most aware state of India with respect to Hockey. Now Odisha represents Indian Hockey internationally. Odisha is a key hub for producing great players in Indian Hockey. It is well known that Odisha considers Hockey as a part of their culture. After Sahara’s exit in 2018, the Odisha government took over the sponsorship of the national hockey teams both at junior and senior levels. “People are now calling Odisha the hockey capital,“The craze for hockey has returned as the Orissa Government has supported the sponsorship and organized major events. He focused on three sectors—building infrastructure for all sports, organizing world-class championships, and setting up several coaching centers.” With the aim to nurture a large spectrum of Hockey talent from the state & provide early exposure to Synthetic turfs, Orissa has set up 22 new hockey Training Centres for Grassroot development

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